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Built Not Bought 2018

What a fantastic weekend at Spreewaldring near Berlin, at the BNB you can meet lots of interesting people and their bikes, most of them built and not bought, for sure! So a full weekend with fuel conversations next to the track and exciting races on track with classes you will not find on every race event, for example “Trackoiler Race”. This class include prewar bikes, hand shifted bikes and bikes from the last 40 years with engine size up to around 200ccm and around 20hp. Here you could see for example NSU, Rudge, Cotton, Harley, AWO and several more. Other race classes were the Cafe Racer Gold Cup, Battle of the twins, Sound of Singles, Special chassis like for example Egli, Magni, Rickman aso. Sidecar class, two stroke class and BnB open class.

The Saturday morning started with best weather and practice and qualifying for all classes, but in late afternoon the qualifyings had to be stopped because of a thunder-storm, anyway this couldn’t stop the good mood of everybody and end of the thunder-storm was beginning of a big party for the evening.

Sunday morning the qualifying and races continued. Rene Rasch was riding his Demon Evo in the Open class and in the qualifying he made the fastest lap and got the pole position with about 4 sec. gap for the second one! The race was a real thriller, Rene made a perfect start, immediately got the lead and the advance for the second start to get bigger and bigger, already in the first round. But then in last corner before start/finish straight Rene lost control of the front wheel and crashed… picked up the bike again.. had a short look over the bike if nothing is badly broken and continued riding. From now on the race was a sensational comeback, from lap to lap Rene was climbing up in the positions and finished the race on second position!  Biggest congratulations for that result!

Hope to see you next year again @Built Not Bought!

Built Not Bought 2018