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Ducati Clubrace - Assen 2018

The 39th Ducati Clubrace in Assen was a great event again! This year without any drops of rain, full sun and around 30°C all the weekend. Next to the beautiful weather there were much more beautiful bikes and interesting races.

Ole Bartschat was racing our Demon Evo again and he did some very fast laps best on Saturday, best was 1:51.8! Also in our pitbox was the JSB Racing team from Denmark, they raced on Panigale V4 in the Dutch Ducati Challenge, on Saturday in the first race Allan Östli finished the race on second position, third position was Joost van Thiel on Panigale and winner of the race was Maarten Bekker, also on Panigale V4. Second race on Sunday Allan was the winner, second was Joost van Thiel and third Marcel Kock, great race! Congratulations!

After a long brake of riding and rebuilding his bike Adrian Rückborn also joined the Clubrace with his 888 Ducati. Last time he was on Assen TT circuit about 10 years ago, because of this long break of racing and he finished the bike just few days before the clubrace and didn’t ride it for only one meter after rebuilding he decided to go for the free riding class, but never mind he made the fastest lap in this class with 2:01.7min next year he will go for the race.

On Sunday in the Due Valvole race Ole couldn’t start because of a technical problem, winner of the race was Robin Flikweert on Ducati Supersport, second Hans Schüpbach on Ducati KR2V and third position René Thijssen with NCR Millona S.

Also, Peter Politiek jr. started in the Due Valvole class with his Ducati Bevel and bustled around in the front of the field, best lap time in race was 1:57.9 but after some contact with other bikes he decided take out the speed. But it was a great to see an old Bevel racing between some Pierobon and NCR bikes, congratulations for that Peter, really impressive!

This years special next to the track was an exhibition of “old” Superbikes. Anyway, we don’t want to disturb you with long text, just have a look at the pictures and hopefully we will see you next year in Assen again!

Ducati Clubrace - Assen 2018