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Big Bore kit 854 ccm für 748/4 V(748 Bi/S/SP/SPS/R) Zoom

Big Bore kit 854 ccm für 748/4 V(748 Bi/S/SP/SPS/R)

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Big Bore kit 854 ccm für 748/4 V(748 Bi/S/SP/SPS/R)

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    Big Bore Kit 854 ccm für alle 748 Modelle (748 Bi/S/SP/SPS/R). Pistal Kolben. Verdichtung 12,8:1.

    Die beiden Diagramme zeigen die Daten einer 748R mit 854ccm, feinbearbeiteter Quetschkante und Steuerzeiten sowie einer 50er Racing Auspuffanlage.

    Bitte das genaue Modell angeben bei Bestellung.

    Bitte Zylinder einschicken, Zylinder gehen im Tausch.

Product's Review
    1. comment from England about Ch... Kundenmeinung von Chrisiball

      comment from England about Chris Steeds(CJS Engineering-Bristol) Headporting and 853 ccm kit Pistal from : full story written here Chrisiball Yorkied! Posts: 416 Join Date: May 2004 Mood: Come on spring!!! 748R-853R Results!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A month ago i dropped my track 748R off with Chris Steedman (Head Chief) of CJS Racing in Bristol with an aim for a bit more grunt he gave me a few options and i decided to go with a 853 kit and the cylinder heads ported and gas flowed! Well after a hectic few days trying to find someone to remap my Ultimap chip after the 853 work was finished, things werent looking good as Rapidos dyno is out of action. Chris said a PC3 would be the way to go then his dyno man Tim Blakemore would be able to map it today!! Wednesday afternoon and Dynojet have no PC3\'s for ducati. After a urgent ring round by chris and a post on here one was sourced from Phil H! cant thank the man enough!! So to the dyno, Tim gave the bike a steady warm up on the dyno to bed in the new pistons and cylinders, and then set about custom mapping the PC3. It took almost 3 hours to map but the end results were awesome. 133Bhp at the tyre! I contacted Chris after being impressed with Fastphils thread. The mans a genius very meticulous and talked me thru everything he had done! He also mentioned that he thought the 45mm-50mm exhaust system may hinder the final figures and said this morning that he hoped for 130bhp but thought it might be nearer 125-128. The work that has been done Pistal pistons Cylinders machined and replated to 94mm Squish set Stage 2 porting and gasflow 3 angle valve job/polished and radiusused valves Cams Dialed Heads shimmed to spec and throttle bodies machined to remove the restriction. Im sure Chris will add to this! I cannot recomend him enough Cant wait to get it on track in a weeks time! Thanks Chris! (Veröffentlicht am 19.05.2008)

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